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I’m in practice to strengthen your life as a whole, and many clients who initially seek my services in one area later turn to me for assistance with another. Rather than having to secure a new attorney for every need, I strive to serve you in a comprehensive fashion. 

More Than Just An Attorney

William Harris

Attorney & Counselor At Law

Prior to attending law school, I began my career in the military. Though it was an honor to fight for the liberties of others, I longed to effect concrete change at a more personal level. Today, I am grateful to be in a position where I can improve the lives of my clients in a direct and tangible way.

Serving You With Heart, Representing You With Conviction

I double as a counselor, social worker, and entrepreneur, but my commitment to legal excellence comes first.

- William Harris

You Have a Goal. I have the knowledge that can help you succeed.

Let's Develop A Strategy Together.

Family Law

A disruption within your home life can be one of the most traumatic experiences you ever encounter, but I am here to help you work through your divorce, child custody dispute, or whatever other obstacle you may be facing.

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Business Law

As a small business owner myself, I particularly enjoy guiding other entrepreneurs toward their goals, whether they’re looking to start a company from the ground up or grow one over time.

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Estate Planning & Probate

Proper estate planning benefits every income bracket. Discover how I can assist you in drafting a will or trust, electing powers of attorney, completing the process of probate, and more.

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Working to Effect Change Both In & Out of My Legal Practice 

My service to the community began at a relatively early age. In my younger years, I was a part of the Air Force, and I believe that experience taught me the true value of honor and duty.

As an attorney, I strive to embody the same traits in my legal practice. The clients I serve are my neighbors, and over time, they become like old friends. Ultimately, my profession is not just about winning a case or resolving a legal matter — it’s about helping my clients better their lives as a whole.

After spending so much time in service-oriented professions, you could say that giving back has become something of a lifestyle for me. Recently, I’ve gotten involved with community outreach both through my church and an organization called In the City for Good.

Let Me Be Your Advocate

Regardless of what’s on your mind, I encourage you to reach out to me if you are in need of guidance. If I cannot help you personally, I will steer you toward someone who can. Contact my office today to schedule your complimentary phone consultation. 

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