Asset Seizure

Defended substantial portion of client's assets after the court had ruled them to be seized.
Reversed a post-judgment seizure in less than one month.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Represented pipeline company executive being sued by his former employer for a breach of fiduciary duty worth more than $14 million.

Negotiated a favorable settlement.

Business Dispute

Represented small business owner sued for more than $1 million by a former employee.
Won jury trial by directed verdict.

Business Dispute

Represented an international fabric and clothing company in a suit based on the Manufacturer Sales Representative statute.
Negotiated a favorable settlement.

Child Support

Represented client in a hotly contested dispute that involved interstate and international jurisdictional issues.
Won custody for my client.

Deceptive Trade Practices

Represented large insurance company in deceptive trade practices cases with alleged damages of more than $15 million.

Provided successful defense.

Election Dispute

Represented mayoral candidate in a suit in an election dispute.
Ensured Texas Election Code compliance.

Employment Law Dispute

Represented business owner facing Labor Code violation and workplace discrimination claims.
Obtained summary judgment.

Employment Law Dispute

Defended small business owner against wrongful Texas Workforce Commission and EEOC complaints.
Obtained dismissal.

Premises Liability

Represented client in a premises liability case against an out-of-state corporation with property in Texas.
Successfully appealed judgment.

Real Estate Dispute

Represented client in a title dispute over a house wrongfully taken from a South Dallas resident by a real estate crook.
Won summary judgment.

Real Estate Dispute

Represented client in a breach of contract claim against a commercial tenant in a matter with no legal defenses in our favor.
Negotiated a favorable settlement.

Spousal Support

Represented client in bench trial against an adulterous deadbeat husband.
Won spousal support.